SAMIVA international intelligence day commemoration 2024

ABSTRACT: Article introducing SAMIVA and the 2024 commemoration of International Intelligence Services Day, Sunday 4 February at Fort Klapperkop.

KEYWORDS: International Intelligence Services Day; SAMIVA (SA Military Intelligence Veterans Association).

By Mike Huxtable


In the SADF and SANDF, Intelligence functionaries were allocated to various units and were often excluded from the unit group identity as being outsiders, especially when it comes to that unit’s own veteran associations. SAMIVA aims to provide a virtual home for all veteran Military Intelligence functionaries. In our world of classification and confidentiality, it is an environment where like-minded professionals can share their experiences.
On 12 April 2014, SAMIVA was formally established and the Steering Committee was mandated by the founding members to carry on with all arrangements pertaining to the first planned reunion to take place in Kimberley and the AGM where the Management Committee (MANCO) was elected.
The purpose of this association is to represent veterans with an intelligence mustering in the South African military, whether National Service, Permanent Force or Citizen/Reserve Force, and is open to all SANDF and ‘Former Forces’ Intelligence members. Our goal is to take care of our own – Intelligence veterans who are in dire need, according to a set of verifiable criteria.

SAMIVA Executive

One of the pillars of SAMIVA is to ensure that those Intelligence members that paid the highest price never be forgotten. The SAMIVA management committee therefore decided to utilise International Intelligence Day to host a remembrance service to honour and commemorate their lives in a fitting manner.
To ensure inclusivity, and acceptance by all, an effort is made to invite all known intelligence veterans groupings, including the SAPS, Correctional Services and State Security Agency, to attend and lay wreaths. Opportunity is also given to next of kin, family and friends to pay personal homage by laying a wreath or flowers in memory of a loved one.
The SAMIVA annual Sunrise Memorial Service, held annually on the Sunday closest to 5 February – International Intelligence Services Day, is aimed at remembering and honouring all the fallen, but in this case specifically those of the intelligence community, as they deserve.

International Intelligence Services Day has as purpose to commemorate those who died in service. While we as SAMIVA focus on Intelligence Functionaries in the military, the day serves to commemorate ALL personnel in military, police and state intelligence structures – past and present. The event is held at 6am on the Sunday closest to 5 February. In 2024, that will be Sunday 4 February.

The 2024 commemoration will thus take place at 6am on Sunday 4 February, at Fort Klapperkop in Pretoria.