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Third extract from NONGQAI’s eBook on the South African Police Security Branch and the armed struggle launched by the SACP/ANC-alliance. This episode explains the complex history of South Africa’s internal conflict. Was “Apartheid” South Africa uniquely racist, in the world colonial context? What was the role of white South Africa’s security and intelligence community in the transition to a non-racial democracy.

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Intelligence and National Security Management System in South Africa

As part of a new series in Nongqai, the South African Forces History Magazine, entitled “The Men Speak”, its editor-in-chief, retired Police Brigadier Hennie Heymans, shares his personal insights into the period 1964 to 1993 within the South African Police Security Branch and the National Security Management System, where he served in positions that afforded him vantage points from where to live and observe key shaping events on South Africa’s evolution over the course of the Cold War, from the last racially-based colonial bastion to a non-racial democracy along free-market, Western liberal constitutional principles.

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NONGQAI SERIES : The men speak : Brig Hennie Heymans

ntroducing the nature and goals of Nongqai magazine’s new series: “the men speak”. This will consist of eyewitness recollections and insights of those who served in the security and intelligence spheres during the last decades of white rule in South Africa, recounted to enhance understanding of the realities and motives that contributed to the transition from Apartheid to a non-racial democracy.

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S.A. Police Security Branch and the Armed Struggle: Part 1

Nongqai serialisation of our e-Book “The danger of a single story” about the other side of the conflict between the ANC’s MK and the S.A. Police SB during the armed struggle in South Africa – PART 1.

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